Mission & vision


To serve credit takes and borrowers with the customer focused entrepreneurship, facilitating and eliminating unnecessary burdens for credit reception and arrival, thus the customer experiences a fluent and cohesive mobile application semi-autonomous to autonomous processing, issuing – payment and repayment with deference interval. The interests rates, credit policy declarations, repayment terms, and other subsidiary measurements are considered and released to the customer’s benefits, earnings stability and compensation surplus.

Facilitated statements:


Future lending capabilities without central and on site banks intervention nor interaction are applicable & accessible to every mobile smartphone user (Android & iOS – Apple) when the apps are hosted on respective markets stores – Google Play & App Store. The lender has capabilities to advertise their services, whereas borrower is market terms acquainted with the terminology, conditions, exit strategies and market opportunities. Lending and borrowing do not require government interaction, institutions’ appraisal, are complicit to request procedures and integrated to shopping practices.

Photo by Kadarius Seegars on Unsplash