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A plethora of Gentoo desktops

LXDE and LxQt – the famous lightweight desktop environments are facing difficulties organizing their actions flow into org chart, as supposed by Facebook. Instead of going hand to hand, side by side to the latest trends featuring their founding frameworks like gtk3 and QT5, they are dissipating towards unknown reality into vague territories.

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Slim PHP Laminas annotations triggering errors on runtime

Undeclared and hideous bugs of leading PHP frameworks, MVC-MMVM are infringing opportunities land to cope with problems, which is compensated by money, statistically higher EUR remuneration in a parcitular nation geo-territory of their country. Annotations based form is not empowering economical their operation, but on the contrary – restricting CLI usage in terms of up to time their parsing.

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Customer experience is the most important criteria judging product duration through life cycle, especially considering the most common approach, like secret buyer in terms of short term necessities commodity market.

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Multi sound device disruption Chrome Spotify BT 4.1 base

PHP development is inseparable from music streaming, in a background with preferably BT headphones. It’s not then a surprise, that a web developer is examining Chrome based and smartphone app Spotify streaming coherence and disruptions feasibility. It is consumed that Android app is better usable with long-run mode in mind – it features almost none disruptions and is lagging way less in track switch than ominous Chrome Spotify app.

Money generated income
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Trendy topics as sustainability aren’t applied to enterprise economics

Advancing economies, such as western EU and USA are proclaiming status of market economies, whereas Russia is outcast aside. Nevertheless, minds spoken isn’t a concern of a web developer; the basic income wage is always welcome in my office, disregarding not provided credentials and refusal to cooperate; likely redirected to emergency cases of NHS clinics.