Hello, I apologize for contacting you in this way. I just saw your profile and I thought you were the right person for me. In short, my name is Françoise, I am of Austrian origin and I live in France. I am suffering from a serious illness that will condemn me to certain death, throat cancer, and I have a sum of €450,000 that I would like to give to a trustworthy and honest person for a good cause. I am the owner of a red oil import company in France and I lost my husband 6 years ago, which affected me a lot, and I could only remarry when we had no children. I would like to donate this amount before I die so that my days are numbered due to the absence of this disease for which I had no cure, but a sedative in France does not want to know if you can benefit from this donation. Here is the e-mail address of the lawyer Marius KHOLER mariuskholerrechtsanwalt.de@gmail.com and his WhatsApp number +4915127988447

Françoise Marie Louvins

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