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COVID-19 vaccines – about to come!

Corporate lies on the election stage is hardly remuinerable nor enumerable efforts towards insanity, not its alleviation nor prevention. Sad election, folks, with MAC blocked on WW2 Keynesian win-win the house of real estate concern.

This morning – actually, late late morning – I’m coming around to the vaccination efforts spot & having my dose done – it’s, after all, a nice embodiment of encefalits & endocrinated measurements in order to get the status quo of impunity & immunity against the virus – the well spread disease over the world of pandemic case.

Corporate liar impeachment

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I guess Steam games will not save the Linux face too much on LAMP stack development, where the orders are missing by default, by definition & by correlation, which is insane – 5th former false accusations on corporate metrics? It’s feeding up the masses with college-post high school, like Hesburger & McDonalds; abating & forfeiting process management, systems management & enterprise general mangement in order avoid payments, payroll & income, meausured in national currency format units, like you, know, the so well known, USD & EUR.

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