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France offensive over Kuweit, former Iran & Iraq war victim - hostage, so called, is over. The resilience over the 4G is tamed by its lack, accompanied by the shortage of qualified competent labour supply entry level students, House shopped local Akropolis mall centered.

Increasing mortality rate on COVID-19 vaccines is triggering government to look for support – since D-Day emancipation over the globe; history A level exams. In order to get more support, some necessary actions are to be taken; refugee status in the nearby mall offers surplus doesn’t make sense? Not to me, of course.

France offense on laptop and smarpthone – fake commitments?

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Impressive, though it’s the case lacking of knowledge, missing courses, psycho therapy is the only – the latter – solution to the case, solving the inaptitude, discrepancy issues on the global stance & stage – both levels, including local as well. You have to be genius in order to forfeit your own degrees in order and in favour of your stupidity granted credit ownership rights on your own citizenship to the stakeholders, mostly public, like high school teachers, local county and borough government, city council and so on, except for EU and USA EEA OECD globalism, stemming from the drug cartels of class behaviour driven group forfeiture – Google Circles social network; rather stay at the airport?

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