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Continuing to work on E565 laptop forfeiture

LKBK offense aginst former government USSR - CCCP - institutions like KGB has melted down the disastrous largest in the world Chernobyl plant; it's criminal courts, jury decisions and refugees fleeing the countries around for decades.

This dream as well as others are compound & bound forbidden; it’s nothing else except Higz Bozon particle, which CERN mode is too lucrative not to chase around pretending to be statistically observed, like electricity power – misassociated to Elen firstname – nickname. I guess NATO protection will survive through the uncertainty of liberalism past-Mercantilism era of France post-revolution movement.

Socrates movement

So, I’m continuing on the so called passion project – the derivatives case of former Lehman Brothers, who don’t instantiate into GTA V series gaming consoles machinery. It’s forfeited illusions, if not delusions to embark on their business; however, it’s still high school on their minds, whereas afterparty didn’t infringe nor encourage marriage to my classmate Ieva, nor surrounding company.

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