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POP! Up on evernote projects – high school proprity on commonalities

Corporate strategy weapons against Bachelor of Science degree is firstly malnutrition problems, Balngladesh, secondly, it's forfeited English - Lithuanian languages (Google translate) translations problems, which means case of concern in general; transaction forfeited, contract negotiated deal forfeited; agreement discarded & dismissed w/o/ any possible reason (except religion?).

Amazing, isn’t it – no 4G LTE, no remote SSH, no remote interviews; only repproaches, police & jogging on the basis on reprimand – like NEC results would impress the latter ones – unbelievable, in general; likewise automatic weapons against, on the public city – town, if you want – streets instead of employment. Terrorists? Partisans? Or literature lovers like public state; government itself with the high schools open for reciprocation? Amazing, nothing else.

Forfeited degree set comeback; illustration; illusions

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Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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