Sorry, folks, for late reply on issues like these – stakeholders interests, mosthly non – market competitors, but Lithuania judicial courts are waiting no longer. Take several files, illustrating explicitly clearly the shit that is being poured upong my face, for example – since bride issues, to late insanity on ECTS stage – EU scope.

This so called typology is outweighted by a decent email form a recruiter on remote position, I guess, who is interested in collaboration & collaborating on this scale in this scope – take a sneak peak:

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I guess it’s not easy to distinct between fraud & sculpted enterprise on market victories WW2 base on liberty freedoms & guarantees; though it’s the same difficult then to stakeholders, having in mind, sex education & distinction between a boy and a girl; it’s incomprehensible, it’s insanity; so, get clear over this, it’s nothing but impunity over imperativeness in this stage – Crimea War, Crimea Bridge & no wife nor classmate – college student girld over the years, it’s set up.

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