Well, alas, PrestaShop is no work again – it’s forfeited. Look at these routing options:

# modules/your-module/config/routes.yml
    path: your-module/demo
    methods: [GET]
      _controller: 'MyModule\Controller\DemoController::demoAction'

Compare to this code:

# modules/your-module/config/routes.yml
    path: pbgroupeu/logo
    methods: [GET]
      _controller: 'PBGroupeu\Controller\LogoController::displayAction'
      _disable_module_prefix: true

It’s absolutely flawless, including prefixing option of disableness. Howwever,all attempts to negotiate for a contract are useless – in vain. I’m trying to read further – lucklily, helpful, documentation on adding side menu administartor entries.

However,weird things tend to happen – menu link doesn’t appear on site, and the tireless cache pruning is out of the box available turned on the administration settings part having in mind, just in case.

Hunger strikes on space indstry

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Despite all the efforts directed & dedicated to solve this issue set,it all results in fugitive vain – aimless demand on vanity fair; likewise, the clock isn’t turned counterwise. The poor Lithuania nation cannot maintain non-legacy enabled code for years and then be fed up with a ORMMVC squential office space right away, even though it’s just an ordinary consumer demand-supply curves on a graph – social iconograph

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
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