Prestashop module creation & distribution platform, although still stipulating the easy way – gernated module application, is missing the key criticality – use cae of Friedman, forfeiting it to unknown& generic,out of the blue (nowhere)errors stream – trailed.

Could not perform action disable_mobile for module undefined

Prestashop – EVG

Of course, I can advance with management interruption – introduction to intrusion, if you like, but it will be a non-tested, non units-drive stage, where probability of survival is low to none – far cry from medium income level – staged at college course.

Forfeited Hussein stageSadam

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I don’t know the reson for this, though enterrpise development on key cornerstone producing stages such as web development department is the agencies nightmare in case it’s underdeveloped. So, you have to come togetner in order tomake it count – at least, the nominal order, like distance from management course at college & professional stage promotion.

Photo by Ryunosuke Kikuno on Unsplash
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