I guess coding a social network – e-finances – prototype is as easy as driving a bike – it goes smoothly, even on EU COvID-19 pandemic situation.

php artisan test

   PASS  Tests\Unit\CommentTest
  ✓ object

   PASS  Tests\Unit\CreditTest
  ✓ objectivity

   PASS  Tests\Unit\DebitTest
  ✓ objectivity

   PASS  Tests\Unit\EnterpriseTest
  ✓ objectivity

   PASS  Tests\Unit\ExampleTest
  ✓ example

   PASS  Tests\Unit\HashtagTest
  ✓ objectivity

   PASS  Tests\Feature\ExampleTest
  ✓ example

  Tests:  7 passed
  Time:   0.43s
Central bank – banking industry; risk management

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