Howesoever sad it is, it’s nonsense compared to NEC results or to ECTS diplomas – postgraduate degrees. It’s, of course no offense on Zuckerberg defense against marriage with his local girls on campus, though the whole situation is getting ridiculous – at least from business perspective on EU stage – globally, I have in mind, since WW2 Berlin – Berlin wall agreements.

Wedding collapse & bilateral relations forfeit

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I don’t know what is important to Post-Soviet stage players – especially to post-heist economy like post-communistic Baltic States; though market research definitely comes first after Iran. Enlist, even though it’s contraversial, my ECTS college graduates females & see the envisioning – marriage & kids forfeiture, despising global economics, financial downturn, economics faculty andcollege campus – likewise it was ezoterics or even worse – collapsing psyche Harry Potter movie franchise.

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