It’s not a surprise, though the list can be recalled a set. Slim v4, Doctrine ORM & other prerequisites are a doomed day for the society – be it EU or USA – Germany, USSR.

composer require doctrine/orm

works OK, compared to the usual project managmenet trend and flowline – following documentation posted on its premises – though the subsequent follow up gets the mood done:

composer require symfony/dotenv

The last time I checked it was schizophrenic, the very framework, nowadays – decoupled symfony environment module – call it bundle, if you want.

It’s heavily attached to a Symfony console, makeing it unusable on the premises demand – I have to read docs thoroughly, use Ctrl-F on the browser – Chrome – stage & still get nothing. It cannot be incorporated into Slim PSR application out of the default – it needs procurement & NHS.

Photo by Fakurian Design on Unsplash
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