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FNTT – monopsony on labour force

Distractions isn't a good nor a perfect way to begin a day, none is of the same sort considering traffic jams. Though Friedman economics is a base to stated Krugman White House.

You cannot be sure applying to heavy industry like machinery, chemistry – compared to, for example, lightweight music industry & music technologies that it’s not a mopsony – the only labour demand, in this instance, issuer, its buyer, like Syno Intl & Website for Business.

Press release

You have to be careful shipping laptops like this one, Lenovo E565 AMD A8 at a stake of losing PHP development income, real estate assets & affiliation to Lehman Brothers exposure world-wide.

With the forfeited college degree institutional despisal, its (theirs) fallback to high school, but chasing after a guy – are you mad folks? It’s basic business in Lithuania – soleproprietorship, whereas tax payers are clearly dissipated into for and non profit organizations – so called enterprises and NGOs over the centuries.

Photo by Larry James Baylas on Unsplash
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