Social mood theory, allowing free typing on the contrast to Brezhnev economy, opposing to social distancing and embedding ‘disforfeited‘ social house – Keynesian economics – is gaining momentum counteracted – Friedman private equity office – business enterprise HQ.

Kursk & Staliningrad battles

Press releases aren’t affecting – taking impact on, effecting, taking effect on – previous (detainees?) Lithuania investors on technology innovation hub –

Market entry costs doesn’t elevate Fukushima Tsunami disaster nor billions EUR investments int o CERN paradigm nor its shift – call for papers utility, dear fellow scientists, it’s normally .edu email suffix.

Internal audit is of course, solving, reviewing and resolving questions, related to college degree institutional forfeit, though, the efforts, is, definitely, the college stake.

So, I think that trailed & traced enterprises – SME & (to be?) LE scale of this blog – their trail especially itself – is responseible for forfeit degree causation reasoning; western philosophy which has been and was unnecessary granted unrelented power to their disposal, meaning geopolitical structures of former USSR – CCCP Soviet Union are abandoned unrestricted.

Pay the costs of:

at least by yourself – as this is the buyer, the agency selling is this one – E565 e-finances & e-loans developer, basing his thoughts on the stipulated latest state-of-the-art AMD notebook/laptop in this case.

You cannot even cover basic expenses like cash flow spending – receiving money operations on localinternational IBAN SWIFT mode – the latter is bank official registration prerequisites, issued by central bank.

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