I don’t know if to forfeit – for processual development – current POP! OS or to advance onto it, for example, installing Atom edito or something like that – it’s a warzone close to Berlin after all. Metro is stringent, Nieczhe is missing – his philosophy I mean, Kant’s not shoping up neither.

Automated printing

I don’t think that drug cartels will prove Keynesian economics is a state household managed by money – monetary terms, inquisition, query based solutions like ETL – ECTS EQL- Elastic search base. It’s not provable by default, it’s a state jurisdiction, its crimes & Justin Bieber on offense.

I don’t know if I have to prove organizational and objective shift towards profit seeking goal enterprise scale from Keynes to Friedman house – household & rented office appartments – startup scale, space, cabinets, room, enterprise real estate assets, its premises, HQ location & state address – on this bases. it’s reprimanded, nothing else, the interviews in a queue and getting stuck with slow motion college degree accreditted economics profitability.

Nothing makes me more sad than dis-objectiveness on the scale of Krugman Nobel Prize deal & its stagnation on the basis of Brezhnev economics – likewise it was market – nothing, nor its economics. POP! towards Feren – is it business earnings on the base of backed up .zshrc?

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