I don’t think that it’s miraculous to flash POP OS on Kingston USB drive in order to assure booting options by

  • DVD optical disk
  • Kingston USB flash drive

and advance into econometrics of BIOS – legacy mode necessary to boot with Kingston USB port & DVD drive requiring none of this infeasible (literally) compatibility.

Coffee morning – missing ingredients

Iran resolution I think will not help those who insist – this guy must wear unqualified worker’s trousers or at best – jeans – and simultanously have Kingston former 2FA Gentoo boot drive with POP!. Blogging, afterall isn’t an entertainment industry, it’s primarily a web logging – you can even post your own so called distribution – if you are a target market (LAMP, PHP) guy – UNIX logs, like /var/log/* dimensions. Anyway, weirdos, that’s not a job portals who dictate the market.

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