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Project POP! OS – evernote

Terrorist support on dirty bomb like atomic weapon drafted on Hirosima & Nagasaki is piracy tolerated, but not industry wide approved. Hydrogen is far more sophisticated weaponry than usual atomic radiation.

I guess macroeconomics real inflation base – corresponding, not current year, is a basis for this microeconomics design – free market – 3 degrees of freedom in Gaussian distribution, simulating college autonomy from the state and its national government.

POP! OS evernote project simulates the MAC block and lectures the feasibility to foressen these circumstances & consequences upon which it is typed & procurred – it can be Allied states WW2 (former), high school patents infringement or some corporate giants supporting & stimulating piracy law.

France economy

It’s stated that startup in advance pre-planned block on basic prerequisite like Internet WiFi – LAN is military conflicts escalation, escorted by police officers, which is former colleges – KTU, VDU & UM invigorated, and banking industry giants like SEB, HSBC & ING supported, acclaimed, maintained, & disposed; this can be hardly tolerated.

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