It’s not only press (releases) or former president V. Adamkus statements with memories published in print format, rather than that it’s Ukraine-Crimea Russia war, descending cascades over source code leaked impeachment & trade centers, so called malls & supermarkets. Worth memorizing that it’s not as state default, it’s credited corporations, which don’t seek high school aspirations (no more).


State forces like army-military or police – so called law enforcement- are backed up by lawyers & advocates, who find it difficult to question number of employees of assets (like laptop or smarpthone) on a freelancer desk. Distopia in this case is turning into dyslexia & paralysis; nothing more (nor else – otherwise).

In effect, music streaming like Vevo isn’t a compulsory statement on imperial warfare like Japan against VDU. On the verge, it signifies lack of and refusal discussion stage, shortage of food and starvation on the edge of hunger strikes cross Europe – EU.

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