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E565 – FYI everything, everything

Communication and communism are disseparate things, compared to communicant of saint mass, escalated via Easter celebration - it's UNESCO case.

Find Your Harmony – a sophisticated demo show, stemming from firmware ignited technological stack enterprises like SellerXAcquireX; autocompleted afraid individuals, unable to compete with industry standards are making me afraid to even discuss with them.

Find Your Harmony (FYH) #250
Baby making on enterprise premises – Bailando

Unemployment reduction is a huge problem, worth researching not only time series base, but also dialectically – stemming from communism – a.k.a. dialectic materialism. Chernobyl, by the way, didn’t case out socially impeached, neither Canada with its planted undergrown trees nor Moscow with its Universiteit Maastricht Open Doors programme.

So, I think that phpbrew install is a way out of this crisis especially if it’s reaching economic times. phpbrew list

* php-cli        

.And adding phpbrew use php-cli on .zshrc solves the problem of WAN-LAN less society.

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