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Lenovo ultimate Chromebook

Cash is a necessary toolkit to provide with meals and marriage consumption; though it's essential compared to market economics Smith-Keynes deal.

Is it worthwhile to buy a Chrome book for social view & outlook? Despite that seldom facts which render the competition unequal, it’s not communism after all. Market economy is working fine, it’s not a trouble to get to a supermarket a.k.a. mall, and perform some duties like shopping & groceries shipping.

LKBK advance

Responsible vs responsive – LKBK & KGB dichotomies on dialectical stage and mobile app – i.e. web app responsiveness overtime – different concepts, malls & travesty over cunundrum prone LAN-WAN internet.

I think that freelaning SME form (single employee status) is simple if not deadly easy; so, old ladies & caring-sharing parents should not disturb boyfriend – girlfriend dating especially in hotel lobbies nor try to advance stupid parliament wisdom advices.

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