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LAMP sector segmentation fault on SD card

Aftermath of prom party doesn't always get into dangerous relatioinships with the ex. It can be turned into something beautiful like former friendship definition.

Tor browser – a glimpse into uncertainty of Lehman Brothers economics – in general, just so you know, it’s not generics.

Server fault on missing dependencies – Tail OS

It’s inevitable it one day will get a nuclear strike to its core facility due to its misinterpretation on key issues, like things, a.k.a., you know.

Emoticons on ZSH oh-my-zsh

Radars, in turn, on Lithuania land, signify something missing, like non working tech or Tsunami early warning system, a.k.a. Ubuntu (LTS). I don’t think that it’s the best nor the most optimal choice or option to Marijonai – Mariah – monestary divisions of Baltic states & Kaliningrad. It’s a cost and price, profit margin, including debt repayment interest rates – counted into totals, nothing strange, folks.

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