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On site & remote – 2 disparities

Blogging is not a salvation from New York times - nor Bloomberg Tech Crunch. It's nevertheless a sea port wavy ocean currency flows - compare it to gitflow.

I think that blogging by default should not be differentials theory examination & consumption on behalf of an economics post-graudate & scientifi researcher – business developer, full stak PHP (LAMP). Instead of that it should be post-midern impeachment aversion, leaving student relying not only on foreign college interrogative wet sausages & bread sandwitches.

Blasting energy weapons

On the other hand, Iran impeachment is not an absolutetruthe – likewise, nor LLVM Clang compiler built Steam engine for Hal Life reworked – I’d rather recommend workshops on city scapes. Nevertheless, #selfie is a good example to type clearly and reflect time series on post-graduate scale rather than come to school for special forces affinity.

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