I doubt that I can change gaming machine background to a formal one – a.k.a. startup scale, phase derivative & delivery.


LAMP at its best

Undoubtedly it’s an easy task, especially if you have less troubles with corporate espionage false claims.

I think that social media leverages this bullshit equity rights parity concern at least. Nothing is less reprimanding than corporate demand communistic market like Cuba satelites. Therefore thrusting Dell G7 is a matter of dispute and automatic weapons with autonomy grants deployment and establishment.

Should it be so? I think not necessarily, if it’s a ultimately usual corporate environment. Then an individual economics developer on LAMP stage is not reprimanded for his laptop – Lenovo E565 SMB & gaming peripherals.

COVID19 recently unveiled that pandemic situation can strike hard and much, despite the efforts dedicated to avoid this stuff. So, in conclusion, no matter what, classicism has prevailed its corporate ethics on Keynes economics stage without a much larger monetary policy reprimang – generics business.

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