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Target market probe – /srv civil system

Data leakages prevented and defaulted to zero is a good remedy against unnecessary and so called by harassing stakeholders - compulsory - feedback provision requirements.

It’s obvious that enterprise economics lead to a target market of sales – like industry sector dependent graph, namely categorized at least by a GPS location – e.g. country or city – and a buyer characteristics like gender, income range etc.

At this point of concern it’s only Friedman and Krugman who are posing auspiciousness of neglect at the stake of lost contracts in case office is constantly filmed and posted via social media streams; unlikely, accompanied by an exhaustive explanatory comments of the financial indicators and customer behavior; this is sick, essentially.

That’s why a Magento test project with a probe-stage economics – Slim 3 API project – is located firstly at /srv/vhosts folder and denominated the last point of concern in this stake – scale – like LIFO queue looking from $HOME perspective. Having in mind, though, that this approach has its drawbacks – minus score points – it’s not the best on the runtime development, use case asserted and encouraged Data disk and system disk separation of concerns.

Econometrics in this stage are coming with helpful advice – keep the initial source folder at data disk – $HOME/vhosts and link them symbolically to the macros directed /srv/vhosts general public folder, where the actual HTTP server data resides. It’s the controversial solution, but it works generic process development and structural assets stakes concern; nothing is impossible, provided data leakages prevented and kept away.

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