The ‘so called’ famous US values based college – Maastricht University – is striking saving scope again. It’s not this time knots for Sherlock Holmes dictionary improving bookery shelves, though an ‘opportunity’ to cast all money to the SBE and have nothing in return – literally no bitcoins, no work, no job, no labour market demand, no MS Office 2007 demand, no MS Windows on the screen, no Sakaki Official Guide installing mechanisms on the run, literally just a cafeteria and a cafe on the outskirts of college disseminating ECTS Eduroam.

Whilst the several – 6 approximately – weeks spent directly – literally – studying enrolled in classes – groups – at the college, it didn’t, however, constitute a thread to assign me the required and paid for ECTS credits while issuing a diploma – BSc Economics. My major was about ICT markets and their GDP contribution to the top world economics like USA mostly, based on Silicon Valley; although I attempted to take GRE test, it was curfewed and forfeited by false sponsors and family with relatives based in Lithuania and UK, whereas the test was enrolled in Vilnius and Maastricht college is based on Amsterdam the Netherlands economics and the country itself. Harward moaning will not help substantially nor initially.

So, playing – casually – GOT – whilst advancing via ‘tube’ with subtasks of Google Tasks with LAMP ‘target’ market so called ‘economy’ – economics, it doesn’t denominate my Lithuania EU card nor is entitled to non-paying conditions of UK jobs market essentially. I wouldn’t recommend splashing out money studying in this college due to its poor conditions rendering no subjectively job offering companies nearby nor located world-wide, speaking silently about internships.

Social media giants (Facebook, Instagram) are reliant of poor masses weeping of catastrophic economics, poor government, inaptitude of private business entities, entity itself definitively, struggling UK, striking France trade unions of former socialism, collapsing Soviet Union post-communistic ‘economics’ and social insurance, which is the ‘only source’ of private income, i.e. citizen income of nominal EUR. It’s incorrect, however, at least incohesive, and the gaming industry helps dissipate away attention to these trifles whilst debt repaying mechanics dictate non-convict status alongside and the ‘additional proof’ reminds concept of BMW dictated ‘homeless senator’ who got a job of a designer of this wonderful car company.

So, Ubuntu DDE – Gnome shell based Debian base – derivative Ubuntu – with its own theme – is announced competent and competing with industry prone POP OS. So, what’s the point? Advanced – Blivet GUI and steps taking base installer (KDE Neon) are instantaneously supporting and not the intended target market concept – and economics – developer side and site. It wasn’t set, however, to be scrutinizing factor, denominating LAMP partitions and derivating process steps of business base, situating – more likely constituting – the demand for such business, but a usual M. Friedman case of consumer economics – in business; however, a consumption economics of government, emphasizing its spending on crisis times where the private equity have no chances competing in industry wide country government projects, like nation-wide employment and macroeconomic indicators feasibility of consensus, so called district labor and sector labor sufficient demand and supply curves – in general, by the way.

Unanimous withdrawal of labor supply and contract – whatever it’s paid in form and type – like permanent, temporary, freelance, co-worker on site etc. – is a betrayal action, the treachery, traitor is the employer and the promising factor is the ergonomics – smooth transition from a former employer to the migrated one by a recruitment agency like Pearson Frank (Kaunas, Lithuania – LA USA – London, UK). While ‘comparison is the killer of joy’ – by Camila Cabello – coined term – what makes Belarus attractive neighbouring country in terms of salary facilitator – bare minimum wage in Lithuania for a top quality specialists job in heavy Rosatom industry field? It’s nothing, ‘detoxicated’, the ‘narco amigo’ is off, it’s metadon – only. Colleagues salary ‘dropped’ to 3k EUR/month and the ‘agency’ suggested 300 GPB/day, so it was fascinating to him just drop everything away and chase up that contract with his girlfriend and likely to establish a family in UK – in general, again.

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