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Feren OS – LAMP stack target market oryx.io

White House so called offense by a Nobel Economics prize winner - laureate - Krugman is the general business offense, like calling them terrorists or something like that Feren OS signify transitional denial - at least - period to shipped goods and services like stock market laptop of SMB scale back to Friedman era, where 'you can stay home tomorrow' is not no longer again invented bicycle.

You can call oryx.io an adopted AI, not allowing intruders like Russia Dumas – Kremlin to perpetrate the former Tsar North West country and former Soviet Union socialistic (and later on – communistic) republics, though it’s not an easily deniable case. Caller of the market is the demanding agent, who is willing to make a deal – labour market in this case – to pay negotiated salary for e.g. PHP development – rest assured you own a laptop which is LAMP stack installed and read at least several books on MySQL, PHP, Apache Software Foundation HTTP server development, either on Linux (constituting LAMP stack in general) or on Windows 10 (WAMP stack, XAMPP if you want).

In this case leading YouTube music premium service is the guider disallowing social media to encompass neither engage on your personal matters a.k.a. problems, like not issues, instead a market resolution, which is needs and problems based, requiring corresponding agents to solve the regular problems based on market demand and supply – immediate curves.

This case then cannot be easily investigated, because it requires no such thing. It’s primarily dedicated at non particular – concrete former employer status of denial such deal, but to the concentration of its neglecting, i.e. the refusal of contract sustainable development. In this instance, then, the target market based on college R&D, like a competitive advantage is given to the corresponding agent on LAMP stack instead of WAMP – XAMPP is denied by a usual enterprise stack with use cases – Microsoft Windows laptops, with shipped OS preinstalled.

Then, falling back due to the blocked both laptop and smartphone MAC internet at home – former home, literally, in effect – my parents house – the college R&D status, even query to it has low or little impact, considering it obsolete and overwhelming, because of the observer – the hiring agency – services or hardware enterprise – which is denominating the very call to the insanity level, like M. Friedman and Krugman were corrupt politicians, who, in fact, were just literally economists on the stage, never applied to White House nor Congress seats at all.

So, even though the fact of non-SSL Oryx 2 site dictates the necessity to overhaul it, the Slim 3 website largely up to now also relied on social media for reputation, if not on Washington city state. It, nevertheless, is a good income of prediction and correlation regression based modeling, similar to Cuda GPU impact on social trends forecast. Its application can predict amount of registered event participants of the website proclamation largely accurate, using stream flows of registering agent also bundled with the analytical models engine. So, combo of gtk and qt5 is the XFCE – Apple Mac OS based layout implementation on the laptop basis and the utilization (usage) of the college advertised market (target) economics.

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