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Corresponding Feren OS with Pop OS

Hiking now camping will not impeach USA president by default, only adversary actions by the corresponding stakeholders will. So, high school economics will no longer forfeit claim-less job ads nor NEC exams non-pass.

KDE vs gtk3 – that was a popular slogan, debates club included (college stage), but now it’s not so relevant – previous stage was of KDE vs GNOME, then tcl-tk included as well, though nobody cares essentially.

What makes Feren OS special is that KDE stage is not denominated, only advanced to combo with a gtk3 based GNOME derivatives, like, e.g. applications. It also adds to the top up the case of several desktop layouts including a usual XFCE look, which makes it look nice alone, if not topped up Windows 10 familiar layout as well.

However, when advancing to the sustainable development from Pop OS – usual reworked Ubuntu case, it’s a KDE stage after all. So, the requirements are at a high stake. Firstly, casual cafe type coffee shops will not help advance to soaring level straight away, because Harry Potter tales are missing. A cup so well known Dumbledore’s coffee (raw beans shipped from South America, e.g. Paraguay) is much alleviating interview stage than expected.

Now coming back to desktop stage, the invisible to used user case development patterns like target market approach is striking the key point – elementary, Watson. Advanced Blivet partitioning installer stage is allowing developer to adhere to the requirements in advance, leaving no space for interpretations nor failed college stage at all.

  • /opt
  • /var/lib – MySQL struggling to compete with reality, disallowing user agent to create a directory
  • /var/log
  • /var/www/vhosts
  • /home

besides usual EFI boot and SWAP partitions, besides general root one, is a super target to the LAMP market of jobs – labor demand and supply generic curves, this time just usual linear approach, meaning nothing else. In case UK missed the point, gazeles are still running, lion still has a chance – it’s not eventually wild west to compete with nature – of covid19 corona virus heavy grip.

Skripalis case didn’t help Great Britain to distinguish between labor supply and espionage case, despite howsoever hard they did try. Friedman ‘poetry’ isn’t the savior of the case, ‘explanations’ made is only the top college ECTS marks (evaluations) and that’s not a diplomacy. So, in this case a sane and cold blooded Krugman’s methodology – so called approach is striking dots on i-s.

College mathematics isn’t high school economics nor vice-versa, a.k.a American English – vocabulary besides, at hand, no matter what, folks – really? Not, nominally, exams passed.

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