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Micro OS – K-8 deployment on the verge of open SUSE interoperability

Semantic interoperability isn't always concern of the best, it's likely an advice from oil & gas experts, who are more inclined into development design patterns and are eager to exclaim benefits further.

Corporate sustainability isn’t always sex education, although it’s benevolent to be it good, meaning that a-skirt dressed girls aren’t heated to extremes and love is shared in families, especially considering NATO states.

That’s why a small micro OS on the basis of open source SUSE derivatives – Leap and Tumbleweed is a suitable option to high school on the interaction with large scale deployments like hundreds at a school, or even tens of them.

However, a developer laptop oriented OS is – Friedman terms speaking – is a far cry from Linux Lite – which tremendously was hacked on the boot, ISO live – install image – failed to open several buses and crashed right away, not even into concern of loading a menu window.

So, Music and Theatre academy students, processing individual development, should be concerned (and probably are) about study fees and return of investment of a laptop – web applications – not only about treachery of a well known M. Friedman and Krugman pretty looking stage.

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