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KDE Neon running like a charm

Apparent appaulling of a neutral nation in WW2 is leading to conflict escalations and jurisdiction false claims much further than anticipated in large scale.

Though the problems arise with the portable tech – like Pop OS Gtk 3 theme port to KDE Plasma. It’s irrelevant what’s clicked or pressed, it’s still intact with the prerequisites of OS distribution itself. KDE Breeze dark and light – is it engine specific? QT was supposed to run independently, bringing a variety of topics and themes into consideration and discussion area. Nevertheless, it’s still empty, it’s futile.

Because of that coming Christmas and shopping spree isn’t too frightening, because it’s nonetheless abated – money-less, earnings none, de-funded, stoked away. Lehman brothers, whoever they were, didn’t possess too much property in real estate nor prospects to attain and gain business reputation at large. That’s why economic crisis, loomed and darkening, isn’t too affecting the natural beauty, which is called market demand and supply – market economics itself.

You don’t have to gain economist title to envisage BCM device denouncing corporate espionage claims and propositions. It’s, on the other hand, a statement of the developer – even distanced at the scale of government – state – registered entity scope – the blogged and the YouTuber – Friedman announced corporate economics of consumption theory is no longer satisfying the needs of the broad range society. It’s primarily directed to destruction and compassion rather than cumulative – aggregated – country economics. That’s why a proposal may be drawn to forfeit further negotiations with Gentoo not supporting restrained QT building like a minimal base, instead, embarking on a wide rich based adventures, which, by definitions, aren’t venture funds digestions.

All in all I’d suggest to base business more upon .git repositories which are the source control base and revision control audit, leading trace mechanism, rather the casual so called social gates infusion at large and indirectly. Of course, it’s advertised and exclaimed, but not thoroughly. Consumption products are of the primary chips, so called Java development and its attempts to embark on TLS crypto mechanisms rather the usual ordinary web development, which is targeted and oriented, market demand responding, nothing else.

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