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Throttled PHP development over the Kingston USB 3.0

Virtual reality of a Vagrant and Docker is encompassing fair enough best practices from Oracle and SUSE foundation, including AMD support. Scarce vendor hardware shipping should be frightening on the basis of automated delivery and transaction impunity.

Recently bought USB 3.0 flash drive – Kingston Data Traveller 16 GB – is requiring attention again. Not that it’s Japan nuclear strike opportunity HSBC plot area, but it’s likely to be OK with

rsync -avRP --exclude=Dropbox --exclude=Atsiuntimai --checksum $HOME/ /run/media/povilas/Kingston/home-backup

It’s apparently a backup $HOME folder copy to a plugged in USB 3.0 flash drive, which, this time succinctly is of a broad enough capacity to encompass all the cached storage.

Not even Mexico counter agents will be sufficient with the outcome of this adventure – contextual menu evoked statement of concern – encryption on the air – the beneficial statement to upload it to Dropbox folder or some other cloud storage.

Having in mind that

flatpak install org.gnome.DejaDup

is working only partially, leaving no space for collaboration on an automated base, the extended processing time for encryption device approach is outweighing hanging man technical trading case fairly enough.

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