The infamous computer hardware – combo of compounded software, is striking – GTK3 and icon theme is constituting a demand for a smooth and overtaken – i. e. not alleviated – desktop.

Sudden commodities of flickering Windows 10, distanced from everything, except .NET ‘non fraudulent’ jobs in their portals is inflicting and impeaching college stance at large, denominating superficial demand to the business stage.

GCC3 is of course nominated, stages passed, but it’s not Gentoo this time. I don’t know if they are polluted by Lithuania Composers Association and their symphonies, but at best it’s not impressive. Benchmarks such as college dictated – OK, lectured – business becomes legacy concern, not a post-concern modernism case.

Definitely, it’s not reprised, as well as any college student affinities, like business making, entrepreneurship, maybe dating back to Zuckerberg Social Network adventure, if not venture. It’s of course, sexual relations and assault (potential, of course) related, to some unwilling scientists, afraid of being pair reviewed and published on line publicly, nevertheless, it’s always college fault.

In this case business is not a culprit, college developer looking for job – search criteria – are. It’s not praised neither, however, but it’s default. So, fluctuations in finance measures, are related to non smartphone and non laptop assertions, which are false. The requirements are set easily, PHP LAMP laptop, XAMPP of whatever, Debian Ubuntu CentOS. Challenge accepted, Stream OS Cent 8, like a hybrid engine, flawless.

So, PERT Trello and Google set of tasks asserted, this should be process management itself, not only modular PHP repositories transposed. SBE college is not happy about it, especially of asserted college non employed status, literally jobless. So, campus influence, determinism, music academy de-stated (attempted) de-assertion of studies, is missing the key point. Even high school legacy is not helping in terms of lost e. g. court cases of liberal markets employment or of career fairs at college stake. So, ultimately, working laptop, responding to normal OS state, be it bare metal or bare bones, so called, is featuring fully functional OS and it coincidentally is targeted employment and average PHP developer salary stage.

Maybe later on, with more resource and more wisdom, I’ll try to install something contradicting to business benchmarks and at the same time totally confined with the requirements of trans fusion govt at which scale this development is occurring. Anyway, you cannot be totally fine with the integrity and honesty in this stage on which you declare winning war against terrorism with swiftly responding installation package managers and installed (installable) stack like LAMP with the corresponding slow motion effectiveless – dis-efficient, ineffective, fraudulent and legacy eliminating business a-concern, meaning no profit is sought by default and efforts are put to justify college concern, like studying itself, college, landlord and business stage enterprises claiming the opposite, like fast running laptop, but developer is left with the BIOS UEFI to install and claim the position-less development without money, EUR and income, distancing it even from mid term stage, put aside short term credits.

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