In Lithuania, where jobs supply is scarce and PHP development is a rare – so called – commodity (in essence, service) of offer, teaming and team building up is a more valuable virtue than Intermedix and USA 9/11 victims fraud.

Recently just had anti-recording based Hangouts interview, which was quite funny, because no-extensions featuring Chrome is a stance worth avoiding, but abiding the A3S 4G LTE policy is another extreme worth considering.

So, the interview was all about the same practices and policies high school exercised by Adeo Web and Transfer Go, who are looking for foolish developers on their site to constitute their premises and outweigh money laundering malicious behaviour.

The same interview stages, consisting of no promises and imitated punitive measures towards PHP developer, which was usually strange. Anyway, HTTP plain text Slim PSR is standardised just for them, leaving no space for escape to Germany highways on the run.

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