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Maastricht college afraid of ICT industry

Gambling theory isn't covering all the subjects at high school, distanced from gaming theory in general. So, questioning ECTS issued credits is like fighting ISIC and ECTS college itself, nothing short or a practice, dudes.

The famous Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics is reluctant to take on stage the main dish – ICT – IT industry orders, so called solutions and virtualisation practices. Due to what? Because of brash so called colleges (ECTS issuing) that pertain their attitude to the ordinary student daily curriculum like it was a high school.

Students, calling lecturers ‘teachers’ and so on, the loose and relaxed atmosphere in lectures – so called college cabinet micro-climate – is repelling insurgents off the studies and off from far away reaching social network projects.

To call it mild offence, the dis-enriched market in Lithuania and so called Baltic States is requiring even more than casual L series exercise jets. It’s at least a business laptop an smartphone enabled globally into working 4G LTE network. Internet and GSM calls with SIMS are available through the world, no matter the Iran sanctions or J. K. Rowling Harry Potter saga – book series.

Overall, it’s nonsense. Reiterating interpretations in scale of high school college entrance state level exams is a futile manner, nothing sort of a package. So, dear recruiters and employment agencies national and supranational – it’s your curriculum of high schools that was squares shot, not an ordinary web developer polished language in terms of business culture, which is your deterred caprices.

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