Again, forfeited longer track on former Soviet Union legacy buildings neighbourhood and instead flied onto a faster pace and more energetic shorter track ground distances shopping malls panorama.

It was quite tiring, I must admit, though rewarding as well, I must say. It was the same walking path onto a recognition of crazy Keynes with domestic violence economics – blocked MAC business entity of smartphone and laptop freelancing upon contract to Lithuania coffee machines B2C Vagrant developers.

Interesting, the development – coined term – is called in this industry – namely PHP development – a response rate of the issued CLI command – or statement – to the machine and its reciprocal answer, meaning that so called computer is knowing what to do and much better than human being.

So, in this case, it’s much more worth query and develop on a machine, LAMP stack, which is responding quite quickly, taken the terminal – GNOME stage – rather that model on a paper some shit, which is negatively understood by masses and local folks – in general, especially.

What I’m planning to do is maybe rely on Krugman economics – Nobel Economics laureate – and figure out some mechanics of the travesty directed towards a former top college student – at least to earn some money, to make it, as it is widely popular calling.

Currently looking to AliExpress offered WiFi broadband USB 3.0 devices, some are mis-modelled, others are good to see. I think in this case the price is less concerning factor than it should look, because differentials theory and practical labs are ECTS already credited, so no big deal enlist bigger price margin on the coming monthly budget in Google Sheets – anyway, it’s fluctuating a bit, you may say, but even in precise terms it’s OK.

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