It’s tiring to examine all the folks – so called CEO, business stakeholders – namely shareholders in employees shoes and alike – in terms of psychedelic and psychotic mental disorders. Name call it mi-performance, but it’s student features laptop, nothing too business style nor type, even if the economics major direction was small medium business.

You are afraid of even typing, what can you then be responsible to or for? To defend office stance it’s necessary to have at least working laptop and a smartphone, nothing else is much required. So it’s not ultimately a X Factor, the show in USA originally.

Now, coming to all the time bluffly operating systems – on a laptop, AMD 64 architecture, it’s nothing short of a comparison stocks. Garuda Linux, for example, recommended, by a You Tuber:

Garuda Linux

A full review

In general it looks purposeful, but only from the development perspective, looking around whilst having no job, no money, no business deals and no perspective shortly to gain none of that. So, it’s a deception.

Now, coming back to the original research, it’s nothing shortage of complaints about heavy linux eating away the RAM – and the lightweight distributions saving the world. Famous singles of Little Mix and Fifth Harmony are out casting the not prepared and distancing the from college career fairs business meetings.

So, testing the light and heavy sustainable development based distributions – based on AMD E565 A8600P device. Not surprising, it should work well, compared to student AMD solutions and extended RAM slotted to this machine. The requirements are disparate, though business economics not always exercised nor exclaimed.

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