Israel and Palestine conflict – major concern over the world – is gaining pace at the cost of civil life. At the moment, it’s nothing else apart from typing the regular typewriter from the early industrial revolution like the one evolved later into Enigma machine.

Sound it may strange, it’s an ordinary Ubuntu Advantage running on the box of casual Lenovo Edge business laptop machine. Nothing spectacular, though not Covid19 infected.

You may argue, that real estate is compulsory to college disparities like students representative body – SA – and you will be right in this case. It’s nothing else apart from regular student affinities in this case, leading to post graduate job search – and in this case it’s alright.

Security isn’t everything, though it’s helpful. Anyways, it’s not the major factor determining the business concerns, so called projects – if it’s missing, like SOCKS 5 on Firefox, it’s not an apocalypse anyway. It’s not gonna save the world the case of business nor the Crimea itself. For example, now skimming through ZSH themes on and seeing no problems picking up one.

So, in total, it’s not a repository performance blocker in general, the IP Vanish service, it’s more likely distancing further from Friedman to Krugman cases, basing on college field rather on casual pedestrians on Laisves avenue in Kaunas.

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