Recently plugged in my famous Kingston USB Flash drive and pumped in a regular ISO – RedHat trial business enterprise image. The point is, that this OS allows to experience the visuals and look of the business focus itself, rather than distance it lazily looking and gazing into screenshots of Zorin Ultimate, although nicely shown in a carousel slider.

So, in this case, a well known vendor is more robust and reliable than this YouTube casual poster recommended lightweight version of the traditional look and feel ceremony. Plus, the latter is included in Business version as well, even though, for example, my recent laptop – E6010 – is missing, understood helper to E565 Lenovo SMB.

You can say that perks outweigh cons, but the nominal stance is advanced – it’s not high school nor first year playground. The business student post-graduate has to have and embody traits of supersession, and Red Hat gives a change. You may argue, it’s on the contrary, but it’s not a high school state (college entry) exams. The machine has to run smoothly and the OS has to be selling well on these terms and these cases.

Imagine, (not dragons nor Crimea War with a bridge) the OS is running well, but the demo business show is missing. What happened to them? Ambush? Attack? Ta-lib militants? Afghanistan and Pakistan wars? Lack of tanks on Iran? US Iraq agreement? Seldom it’s more important to waste not money on expenses like core business OS on a business Lenovo. So, in this instance I’d be willing to rely more upon transparent and sales oriented business vendors like those, experiencing no difficulties in complex statements and exact business case demo trial.

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