In effect, it’s a truce that a solid and strong flashlight is inevitable to hiking and continuous sport activities like walking and or on a stride running.

AliExpress offers a variety of them, like a 5000-10000 lumen featuring power machines. Efficiently, it’s looked from the super-state perspective – former Soviet Union (USSR, SSRS, CCCP) and current super state USA with candidate (pretentious maybe) China. Liberal markets are valid to the first one, but not to the second one in effect.

I am always anxious about range of activities and its super-stipulated manifestation – primarily flashlight settlements. A peace agreement can be made, but at what reputation cost? It’s a stance of force major or factual recognition of e. g. Fukuyama Tsunami.

So, initially not infringing developer rights like stipulated limitation deliberately distancing from good practices or profitable orders in favor of communist government – a. k. a. reputation loss over night. College credits, namely ECTS, labeled Economics and Business Economics – the way forward, or the stance located logistics base. So, money splashing in favour of nightly adventures meaning nothing is a worthless home away situation, leading to homelessness, similar to Covid19 infection cases.

Business, in essence, is a money making – added value selling in goods and or services, like stock market or SaaS. It can be software, groceries, localized to target markets in economic terms. In these terms assertion on hobbies of hiking is not saving developer in the eyes of social media; nor affirming E. Kant economics of pretended tragedy.

It’s important to base on ADR Slim or CI4 MVC. Nobody is going to help in this situation apart from TSDB based economics, like a stance off from previous enterprises, dis-affirming their relations with me, primarily denying their stance of accommodation and or payment – even worse, in advance – to former employee in a form of vague benefits, goods, sustainable services and other industrious ingenuity.

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