Take into consideration a cumulative efforts towards Proton VPN paid plan implementation:

Track record of Proton VPN invoices

In this instance it looks clear that although recent invoices were unpaid, it still offered to order the monthly Basic plan to continue VPN subscription. Anyway, ordered, it still didn’t work, so I also paid a cancellation invoice, which was due 3 EUR.

After that, it still didn’t work. Weird it is, it didn’t notify via Proton VPN CLI client – pip3 installation source nor via regular OpenVPN client, which was, obviously, unavailable to notify, as it is a default Linux VPN protocol UX and UI implementation on Gnome shell.

So, a couple of invoices are paid ans still no effect. Looks like suckers for money, pretending to be serious bulk provider and still nothing is accumulated, invoices fail on their corresponding payment.

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