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Jenkins fired up and running

Battle, stubborn and persistent, is imminent threat to ordinary citizens, like that matched by military force of anti-nuclear weapons satellites imagery and radar antennas. Continuous integration asserts liquidity of a laptop and its integration into civil and if necessary - requested by market - military forces.

CLI ant was missing no tasks execution and asserted correct – no failed build, but as said, it doesn’t grab environment variables, which are easy to include, like already tested – even added to global settings of Jenkins itself.

What makes sense, that along the way put global $PATH implementation added up to the global scale of execution as well. Job replaced into sections of shell execution like

composer install
phploc --count-tests ${WORKSPACE}/src ${WORKSPACE}/tests

and a couple of:

phpcs --report-checks --report-file=${WORKSPACE}/build/logs/checkstyle.xml --standard=PSR2 --extensions=php --ignore=autoload.php ${WORKSPACE}/src
phpcs --report-checks --report-file=${WORKSPACE}/build/logs/checkstyle.xml --standard=PSR2 --extensions=php --ignore=autoload.php ${WORKSPACE}/tests
  • this asserts the Jenkins configured correctly, shell variables are accessible
  • The CI is running out of the box configured as requested
  • It performs the documentation analysis and similar tasks, including phpcs coverage, even if it has no errors, then the error is elevated to the global dashboard scope to have no coverage because of it.

This approach – methodology – allows developer to execute tasks clearly and advance to the laptop checks confirmed – the widget of Gnome Jenkins CI integration is working – a great thing.

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