So installed virtualization manager on a laptop – KVM QEMU daemon enabled – no virtual box required. Tried out Youtube queue enabled and suggested NixOS – following their (in?)famous package manager Nix. It was OK to assign 1 CPU and 1G RAM (probably should have been 4 CPUs) to NixOS default KDE interface and it worked like a charm out oh the box.

Of course, it’s virtualization defaults, which doesn’t collide into a smoothly running laptop host KVM drilling guest OS. With the followed up Pop!_OS it was a smooth shot into the playground. System76 provided the ISO image running out of the box directly.

Although the NixOS supported live demo show apparently, Pop! didn’t bother to downgrade its UX to this state, so it advanced with installation suggestion by default and then later compromised it with the demo show option, which was Gnome based and as reviewed with positive feedback by some Youtube guy, ran as suggested.

Several screenshots

Although Pop! OS didn’t launch eventually, it still nevertheless displayed a post-BIOS boot option window, which – still, to my surprise – opened a LUKS decrypt dialog screen and led to a launched Gnome DE.

The surprising thing, besides all the bugs like not working mouse wheel scroll, is a wired LAN connection deposit – the straight away WAN enabled office space with a laptop. Sounds amazing!

LAN Gnome network manager
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