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XAMPP runs glitch-less

The replaceable parts should not be called counter parts nor 'com-placements', because it's ridiculous. Primarily, the equity is not equal opportunities for the world, however smart it may sound like. It's a shares synonym, widely used in scientific research databases, not langui of a popular slang or language. So, shareholders are equity holders, by definition, which you may call axioma.

The famous Bitnami distribution of LAMP stack, formally former of Apache HTTPD (the only web server, reliable enough to production mode, before NginX), MySQL (Oracle or open source MariaDB) and PHP + Perl (initially, added up ProFTP server) is causing tremendously dutiful state officers confusion and reprimand evocation.

In order to try it myself I installed it on my laptop – usual download site – and smoothly run it unpacking the contents and establishing binaries on the local machine. It was no problems, although the progress bar was quite slow, comparing to some Spotify or Discord Snap Store distribution. Having in mind it had to combine 3 services and PHP with MySQL CLI, it was no surprise this pace, it actually was fair it was moving altogether in general.

Well, there were no troubles launching the services altogether in general as well – the only impediment was at the time – simultaneously – running Next Cloud server, mistakenly taken for granted the desktop app; instead, it launched its own PHP + Apache 2 combo, triggering socket no longer available on the same port for XAMPP httpd. It was easily solved by removing (Zorin Software management app) Next Cloud and advancing with XAMPP (you don’t want cloud service be provided by your own laptop, generally speaking, so to say, it’s at least a backup service, syncing a folder on your desktop with the cloud servers somewhere abroad, usually, like AWS based on California or NYC) – so it’s a developer’s mistake, misreading server for app.

So, this minor discrepancy removed – nothing debugged yet at all – XAMPP runs as usually and as supposed – glitch-less. Even so, I wanted to add it to my desktop launch startup – so issued a command, adding it to


commands list –

sudo /opt/lampp/

There should be no concern about it, because password – authentication and authorization – is omitted storing additional configuration file to sudoers stack

povilas ALL= NOPASSWD: /opt/lampp/

It allows the running user to launch this command without credentials confirmation, which is great. In this case GUI XAMPP launches straight away, causing no problems in general neither to the developer nor to the customer agent, expecting swift tasks execution.

Notice, that this came to this effect for some debugging as well – localhost wasn’t sufficient to be not replaced by ALL in this case, which meant the GDM is inferring host differently to passing it through the GNOME shell and its dependencies, a. k. a. libraries (it’s open source, in the end) – like or something like that. Anyway, the former didn’t work, so was too lazy (and it was too expensive, w/o/ a short term contract – at least) to manipulate and experiment on host names, like


outputting different direction – sneak peek –

   Static hostname: povilas-ThinkPad-E565
         Icon name: computer-laptop
           Chassis: laptop
        Machine ID: 8b3d153e85344cf7a6c4d32ca5ec972c
           Boot ID: 2e2d982fb7044458867ac35ce1e569a6
  Operating System: Zorin OS 15.3
            Kernel: Linux 5.4.0-42-generic
      Architecture: x86-64

In this sense, local laptop name is called by localhost and its if interface by, so it’s no surprising that ALL in this case refers to the plethora of names this laptop is affiliated with, locally – like the WAN interface – – issued statements in /etc/hosts, which render this adventure futile, nonsensical i. e., in general; put it together, it’s a XAMPP development machine, with a hosts assigned to the target projects under development. It will be strictly aligned nearby the povilas-ThinkPad-E565 and e. g. localhost.wooden-garages affiliation. Anyway, it signifies another level, i. e. layer, which is no longer a matter of discussions, i. e. distanced from SSH connections remotely, when the user is no longer is applicable by definition to startup commands. In this instance, the granted permission – call it allowance – of sudoers.d is affiliated towards gnome-session-properties statements usage, nothing else. In general, it can be called from a SSH connection as well, provided the user – Povilas – has authenticated and has been authorized successfully – w/o/ problems, i. e.

It doesn’t collide with the user restriction of gnome-session-properties differential command, because its issued scope is use case – not, e. g. user story. In this case the UX is the superceding factor, facilitating common sense ideological belief, the the world is perfect and debugging is easy. So, not to mess with static host names like the previously mentioned – it’s assumed the availability to log in and issue the command, encompassed in ALL statement of host labels – presumably – isn’t something of hegemony stance not at all. ALL in this case resembled the lack of time and lowered efforts scale to presume anything else than Friedman consumption economics, i. e. products, directed to web developer, like XAMPP itself.

In general, it looks pretty:

XAMPP uniform startup launched app

On the sole desktop screen, it’s the king developer, meaning, that no

systemctl status mysqld
systemctl status apache2
php -v
curl -I localhost

or similar commands are needed at the startup stage – like exhausting commands execution isn’t enough to the deliverable set to be confined with the limits of allowance and general scope and stance of experimenting, development, scientific approach, business enterprise and stable solution; product economics is working its scale.

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