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There were times once when college public reading library was inherent to netbooks using students, those, namely, looking like KGB Soviet Lithuania – LTSR. Secretly gossiping girls in semi trimmed haircut, exchanging ideas, and rumoring about library policy violations. Of course – you can say, luckily – this wasn’t applicable to me, I could have been only a reporter at that time because my E6010 laptop was running smoothly Windows native WAMP stack on which I was coding and getting ready for groundin.com launch – in parallel with Instagram. The latter, was, of course, social network, but the flavor was focused on project management rather than on forums like discussions and resharing.

Now switched back to running Friedman economics product level I abated Gentoo OS distribution in general – it’s left in previously rolling backup stages LUKS HDD. Now Zorin Core is running like a charm in this box – in this case, you may say – respectively reported good and excellent in this way, basing it on legacy boot only, though the UX and UI is

  • target laptop prone – i. e. SMBSME startup stage
  • evolutionary mode on – UEFI non launching stage is not Keynes economics constricted

Of course, this gives way more perks than suggested by Gentoo, themed – luckily, if you want again – Chrome OS, as discussed. Though you have in mind, that portable netbooks are way easier to conceal in a backpack and a disruption-free stylish casual apparel attribute. It’s the mindset that conglomerates the evolution management, mainly the student affinity towards BSc thesis presentation meanwhile startup stage investment program – including active participation, not only filing complaints – and the progressive stance of employers (so-called, at least, to my mind), seeking for help due to unknown Debian or UEFI boot E6010 support, including HDMI default graphics card.

In this instance, the Gnome comparison of E6010 Syno Intl at Vilnius, the only skyscraper further away from the center Europe square and building set. So, in both cases raw Debian Gnome and the current utmost up to date Zorin Core OS (to be upgraded to Zorin Ultimate, I suppose) is featuring icon-less largely, in effect, desktop – because add icon – or similar – desktop context menu item is missing. Nevertheless, UX and UI are way better on the Zorin, although the laptops at the times bought were stock market respectively, student and SMB cases – Packard Bell and Lenovo.

Photo by Everyday basics on Unsplash
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