Lenovo isn’t disappointing in terms of SMB support and supply chain management. Worn off Lenovo firm case for laptop is replaced by Dell – present from my dad – and unlucky – unwanted – Lenovo Marvel logos are Etsy shipped less brand, more generic, resembling my E6010 SynoIntl work (Vilnius, LT).

So, just now I stacked – stomped – a set of peripherals like direct CPU cooler and keyboard replacement with cover silicon shield. Added up a battery and wired Kingston earphones with (for fun) BT transmitter it’s a well solved problem. Such things as Chrome-cast with USB 3.0 hub are replacing usual LAMP stack into a fine-grained Gnome gtk-3.0 solution, which is classic, Chrome OS Plus theme, snapd apps infused on the runtime work horse.

However, recently a recruiter started typing to my LinkedIn – asking for a contractor offer, to which I obviously replied positive – but she isn’t responding altogether no more at all, so I think it’s sort of a scam, but at the same time time is trickling and bills are coming. So I am not sure if I should report this accident (incident?) to LinkedIn and mark all the conversation spam, because she looks professional recruiter from Avalanche Laboratory, as indicated in her LinkedIn profile. Anyway, it’s not resolved yet.

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