Modprobe failed – this is the message, cast to the screen mounted minimal Gentoo ISO running image manipulation program. Sad howsoever it is, it’s not an apocalypse. Primarily, it signifies minimal ISO isn’t directed to backup saving process nor opportunities, i. e. it isn’t likely su save you nor support backuping something right on the installation – you’ll have to use your ingenuity to afford the reboot into admin ISO and sort these things yourself.

Usually, admin CD runs well, especially in backuping SSD like primary – main – drive. So, there should be no problems running it again and smoothly performing operations like EFI Kingston ISO backup, as the OS is to run into openRC mode (I suppose so), because of the stuff, related to lack of EUR in my bank account and the abundance of PHP development offers in the market (,,,, and a plethora of others)

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