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Learned to use stereo uPod & wired earphones

Genetics isn't a defining factor of life events, especially not in a sense of wars nor wedding. It's a managed molecular set, denominating and meaning nothing much of an evoloving mechanism.

It’s a joke, stereo means in effect a simultanouse sound channeling through visual distance of speakers playing the projected concert ahead, though sound waves reverberating transmitted by a slight difference.

Efficiently, the title and status means single uPod, managed auto-systemically; automatically, automated; BTed to a smarpthone and another wired earphone plugged into public library internet room PC. It casually plays YouTube videos, Spotify background etc.

For example, Trance (genre) with Armin van Buuren isn’t indicating nor advising – guided missiles style – the apparent conventions, like falling back to the article instead of proliferating it to the public. Categorizing it and then later elaborating on it isn’t a too definitive terms in a glossary, managed certainly and exceptionally in librarian vocabulary – his linguistics. Anyway, it’s not etnographics.

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