A second, ‘helper’ PC, running Linux, on the same subnet. Of course, this is not strictly required – you can do everything on the target machine itself.

Sakaki official install guide

You don’t have to run Gentoo Linux natively on this second box either. For example, if you are starting from an ‘all Windows’ configuration, you could create a bootable Ubuntu live USB key[3] and boot your helper PC from that (it will allow you to work without damaging anything on the machine’s hard drive).

Sakaki official install guide

So, if you a running Google business and are following college guidelines, like working in (numerous, e. g. multiple) enterprise by your goal, in this instance – business development, mainly eCommerce and eLoans (swap it if you want), then a second working box is not a problem (neither is internet – LAN, WLAN – so called Wifi – in your office, or GSM 4G at least).

1a.lt, aliexpress.com, pigu.lt offer a variety of cheap laptops, which constitute no problem in this case, earning minimal wage, is a way easier to comply with requirements (regulations) in order to earn increasing wage from PHP development. ~200 EUR is a base in these portals, well working browser, download ISO and storing to flash key, then SSH-ing to target machine. It should not be the case of web developer working out of poverty in public borough (district) library reading room with employees‘ internet, because readers’ WiFi isn’t accessible by its poor state (conditions). So, in this case, all in all, resuming business operations via OpenRC and Sakaki official recommendations is piling up to added up problems, causing disruptions and even distortion to library clients, like journal readers (paper) and book borrowers.

It’s no recommended by pbgroupeu to embark on such similar business, due to lack of internet (formal, legal) connectivity, what I mean is smartphone 4G or home WiFi (LAN) broadband. Anyway, college should have educated student well enough to embark on serious, money earning and positive ROI business ventures, like startup stages, hackathons, Google and Silicon Valley conferences (Vilnius, LT) and similar. It’s not not official linguistics, a. k. a. source code Oryx speech, what is meant to be understood, is and can be measured in benchmarks, like internet speed etc. So, home admin, get things together (a. k. a. shit together) and pull over to the nearby ISP; or at least stop pretending to be web developer – PHP freelancer – hosting individual house, where registration to advance to MAC block is compulsory.

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