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Friedman economics failing again

Agile technologies less likely than methodologies are to facilitate and ease the pain of post modern de-constructive - that is - destructive - city (cities) building. It's not a novel enterprise scale to embark on consumption and spending entity scope, whereas government collects taxes, including profit margin set, so called profit tax.

The famous scholar, businessman (USA) postulated the his formulated business economics theory, which emphasized enterprise entity itself intact from gov actions not its political procedures, excluding special forces like police. The latter against gov officials to him seemed inevitable, though corresponding to the enterprise economics itself, which meant for profit organization is the key source of taxes – essential tax payer – to the state, i. e. administered by government itself.

In this instance, upon Covid19, Coronavirus, the labels alike it’s called, it’s not an outstanding reach withing the scale to state the compromising facts are corrupting the business entity in general.

Take, for example, a PHP developer – consider LAMP standard stack, launched on Linux distribution like Gentoo or XAMPP loaded on Windows 10 (licence is available, shipped). So, breaking point is unavailable to reach, so neither is not the profit tax sum nor margin applied in this instance. Have in mind, that instance and case in this sphere are interchangeable terms, usually referring to statements like in this case in business, which is usual terms composition, no needing additional explanation.

With this case it’s not inevitable to adhere and state college standards of education as the main labor force (actual human capital) development agency, which is supplying this necessity to public and private sectors, primarily municipality and stage government alongside private capital enterprises, so called, again, for profit organizations. In line with the statements of management, especially of post-modern theories like Chiva’s complexity and chaos theories, it’s not known which ORM not actions will take place to accomplish business set goals, distancing remotely from deterministic and normative theories.

What I would suggest, don’t panic – it’s a business out-flux stage, meaning that HTTPS is the preferred econometrics modeling gates. Alongside, consumption frameworks like (although MVC in general themselves) CI4, Laravel are less PSR generic PHP standards infused, even stating this:

CodeIgniter meets many of the recommendations within, but does not, and will not, meet all of them.

CI4, PSR Compliance

While many of the concepts became part of our HTTP layer, CodeIgniter does not strive for compatibility with this recommendation.

CI4, PSR Compliance

It’s obvious, that labor force – specialist, amateur student, expert to be, senior developer to be evolved – is stepping onto this direction, selling the supplied development to the enterprise, instead of investing into it, like selling it itself, whereas he is a bystander, not an insider – employee, e. g. – in the entity, even without a standalone PC, left alone his personal laptop, contributing to the entity by LAMPXAMPP stack machine – setting – itself.

Be it afraid, frightening consequences, though recommended Sakaki official guide sets are taking pace in resource consumption like LANWLAN and office desk together with helper PC (Android smartphone at least), the falling factors of buggy snapd, is draining public library facilities, i. e. primarily public reading room, smaller in the region, though capable of providing 1 laptop standoff.

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