EEA rules do not apply to EU

Grand piano is not the same as economics nor business economics; whatever revered it may sound like. It's a science, including R&D stages, not a piece of art, it's not a matter of (high school) interpretation.

Weird restrictions such as

  • Informing separately county sub-unit jurisdiction (seniūnija in LT) of move (emigration) (internal) to study or work in EU states
  • Submitting various multifaceted forms in order to justify at least a small investment into stock or currency markets such as traded on NYSENASDAQ
  • Declaring politician or not status, as its even CI4 authorization and authentication policy set even in programming – web development norms and forms.

CERN related:

  • TMS Brokers failed web registration form – requiring ID photos taken, not uploading, then customer support reinvigorating urgency to submit details in written and photographed versions – forms.
  • Their helping hand request, when Google rated them 2.3/5 (Forex trading)

In addition to this, separated concerns don’t apply to EU like MAC not blocked w/o/ a warning – notice – to a household web developer, renting per remunerations for orders. Like crazy, with Covid19 consequences, its their hunger strikes, anti-monopoly protests, anti-gov strikes, anti-Keynes (macroeconomics) strikes or anti-college education strikes? Likely their collapse, undermining LCB (Lithuania Geo-territory main, principal – key – central – bank, printing NFC and paper – metal – based money, i. e. EUR), forfeited liberal – free – market(s).

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